Special editions Omega ‘Commander Bond’ watches under the hammer

On July 5 this year, Cheap replica Omega announced a new James Bond watch: Replica Omega Seamaster watches Diver 300M Commander. With a major event in Tate Britain, the wristwatch was revealed in the presence of Michael G. Wilson (producer of the Bond movies). During this ceremony it was also announced that three watches will be auctioned for the charity. Meanwhile, the auction has become more familiar. It is an online auction auction of Christie Auction House. In addition to the Bond watches, there are 110 plots of modern and vintage watches from various brands such as Omega and Rolex. The entire proceeds from the watches go to Unicef, the United Nation Mine Action Service and a number of smaller charities. The online auction runs from 3 to 17 October.

The first lot of the Commander watch series is the classic. Equipped with a steel 41mm cabinet, white background and of course featuring the recognizable nylon NATO strap bracelet in red, blue and white. It is 0007 of 7007 and the second hand is marked with the red ‘007’ logo. The watch comes in a special Replica Omega box, a certificate of authenticity, a spare stainless steel wrist strap, a strap change tool, a naval pin and maybe a very special item: James Bond’s navy uniform (Sean Connery ) from You Only Live Twice. The uniform has been truthfully designed by Oscar winner Lindy Hemming. The original sizes of Sean Connery were made and made by the Academy Costumes in London. The label has been signed by James Bond producers Michael G. Wilson and Barbara Broccoli.

The second lot of the Commander watch is the golden version. This version is the same as the first lot, with a 41mm gold cabinet with white background and a nylon NATO strap. The second pointer is in this edition in gold and also features a ‘007’ logo. A watch also comes in a special Omega box with extra bracelet. As an extra, this lot is provided with a replica navy uniform from The Spy Who Loved Me movie. This uniform was also designed by Lindy Hemming and made by the Academy Costums in London. The label is also signed by Michael G. Wilson and Barbara Broccoli.

The third and last lot concerns the Commander watch performed in white gold. In addition to the watch, similar to the items for this, is accompanied by a flag of the British Royal Navy Ensign and signed by Daniel Craig. The flag is on the back of the speedboat in Spectre. The flag is framed.

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