Watch brand Omega triggers Instagram hype

For the first time, the premium brand Omega has sold watches directly to consumers – via the Instagram platform. The action was a complete success: the watches were sold out within four hours.

Reativity pays off. This week saw an action by Swatch Group’s Omega watch brand. The company exclusively sold a special limited edition of his longseller “Speedmaster” called “Speedy Tuesday” on his website on the social media platform Instagram. And the lovers literally tore themselves away for the good piece.

Within just over four hours, the special models were sold on Tuesday of this week. The clocks were not cheap: each 5800 francs had to raise the buyer. Will read: omega replica watches has implemented in exactly 4 hours, 15 minutes and 43 seconds 11.7 million francs.

US fans disadvantaged by time difference
On Instagram, the company commented, “Thank you, Speedyfans!” omega copy watchs automatic Westerners complained on the platform that they did not have a chance to get a special model because of the time difference.

Omega experts expect that the buyers of the special model have made a good deal. They believe that Speedy Tuesday will quickly increase in value. Precisely because it is the first watch that fake omega watches sells directly.

In e-commerce air up

Basically, Swiss luxury watch manufacturers are extremely reserved in e-commerce. The Swatch Group is also pursuing the strategy of only selling its cheaper watches online – and even only in markets where it does not have enough stores of its own or in which it has only a few multi-brand distributors.

Up to now, more expensive timepieces such as those of the Omega brand have been sold exclusively by the Swatch Group through its own boutiques or selected dealers. This ironic principle has now broken through the world’s largest watch retailers with the Instgram action now for the first time. Whether the success of “Speedy Tuesday” marks a turning point in sales strategy is open. Omega PR Ms. Adriana Bavuso says, “We are excited about expanding the reach of our global boutique network and the new way to connect to the online community.”

Only Rolex is even more popular
On the relevant online watch portals such as «Chrono24» or «Chronext», timepieces from omega fake watches uk are among the watches that are in the greatest demand – and are bought. Only Rolex is even more popular as a brand.

Competitor IWC from the Geneva luxury goods group Richemont is in terms of e-commerce already further than omega spectre replica. IWC watches have been available on the luxury fashion platforms «Net-a-Porter» (for women) and «Mr. Porter »(for men) sold online. Richemont President Johann Rupert has recently given digital business top priority. And this is underlined by the fact that he has promoted former IWC CEO Georges Kern to the position of Group Digital Director.

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