Fictional customers steal 4 Rolex in jewelry: chased by passers-by

They cut off a jewelery store in via Mercato Vecchio in Udine but were arrested after a few minutes by the state police before being thrown away by the passers-by who had seen them flee and were ready for lynching.


Everything happens in a few moments; are 10.30 am today when one of the two robbers, a 25 year old woman dressed in a distinct way, enters the precious shop, by Ronzoni Italo. He kindly asks to see watches of great value, all Replica Rolex UK.

The jeweler shows him four, including one of the value of 80 thousand euros. On the counter, then, four more watches are supported. Even the Replica Rolex ones. The 25-year-old puts on the wrist that 80,000 euros: he wants to see if he or she will give it, if it is his case.
At that point, at the door of the jewelery, which is always locked, another customer plays. This is the accomplice of the boy who is in the precious shop, a 48-year-old man, also of Serbian nationality. But the owner can not know it and opens the door.

At that moment, the 25-year-old runs away and steals the 4 Cheap Rolex watches. The boss tries to prevent him from escaping and pushing. Even the same owner is pressed but does not deny: he is pursuing the robbers, also helped by the hellish passers.

After a few moments, three patrols of the Volkswagen Team of Udine arrive, which first block one of the two malevivants, in a neighboring street, within a couple of minutes, and then trace the accomplice to the area. The two robbers, who have no fixed abode in Italy, are arrested by men of Commissar captain Marco Lovrovich, commander of the Volkswagen, and are taken to the Udine prison, informing the magistrate in turn. The four Rolexs are immediately returned to the jeweler: they are not damaged. Their total value is 115 thousand euros.

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