Patek Philippe interviewed three times – the legendary high watch industry

Three repeater watch called the rare masterpiece of precision machinery technology, as a high watch industry’s supremacy, by collectors and watch enthusiasts of all ages. Regardless of its internal structure, material and sound quality, are the most sophisticated watch functional skills in the complex and inspection techniques, to create a no technical flaws in the quiz, it is the need for high production threshold. One of the hallmarks of patek philippe calatrava dress watch replica premium watchmaking technology is that the minute repeater function has also become a feature of the brand and shows the heritage of watchmaking and its core values ​​over the centuries.

Sophisticated micromechanical devices encounter fantastic chimes
Timekeeping According to the carrying timekeeping mechanism, function, and ringing mechanism can be divided into engraved hour bell, half hour bell hour, five minute bell, minute repeater and big, small self-timer. Among them, the minute repeater is the most common and typical timekeeping function and also the most practical among the many types of timekeeping timepieces.

Three asked chronograph, commonly known as “playing spring table.” Dating back to the late 17th century, watchmakers in Europe were struggling to find out how to make a device that would sound different times in a dark environment. The design concept of the first timekeeping device in history came from the British Daniel Quare, who first invented the structure of the second text newspaper (with timekeeping and engraving functions) in 1687. At that time, the striking list has taken shape and laid the foundation for the subsequent three-minute schedule. Earlier timekeeping devices required the use of a bell, and the springs of the timekeeping device were tightened with a miniature chain, while the other end of the chain was fixed to the side of the case, a structure that lasted for nearly a century. It was not until the end of the 18th century that the watch genius, Mr. Breguet, invented a gong that was bent into a ring, ringing it by tapping the gong. The invention of the gongs greatly saves the case space occupied by the interrogation mechanism and provides adequate resonance for the timing sound to achieve accurate timing effects. With the hard work of the watchmakers, the timing of the chimes is more accurate, from the first hour and quarter of an hour up to half a minute, and even up to five minutes after the last quarter of a minute. The timepieces capable of solving people’s minute quizzes are more complex and consume more mechanical power, so the output at that time was rather small. Until today, the three questionnaires still occupy the “altar” position in the field of complex functions, and it is very rare to be able to create a brand with excellent precision and sound quality.

Although the timekeeping system adopted by the three questionnaires varies, the mechanism of striking sounding has a common consensus since it was born: the bass usually announces hours, the sound of high and low sounds announces an hour and the treble announces a minute. Suppose the time is 02:49, three repeaters will be issued two bass that 2:00, three times the level of chorus that 45 minutes (3 minutes), and four treble said 4 points. Tune the gong by the hammer (rim around the inner edge of the case) to generate different tones for timing. The Patek Philippe Museum in Geneva has a collection of traditional chronographs that testify to patek philippe replica uk‘s extraordinary skill in the field of quiz tables.

The combination of two swords, the birth of the legend
On May 1, 1839, Antoine Norbert de Patek, together with his business associate Francois Czapek, opened a watch shop on the Berg River Promenade in Geneva. Five months later, they sold an hour-long pocket watch. A customer from the capital, Bern, bought the luxury watch at a high of 450 Swiss francs, 19 watches.

This business lays the strong interest and lofty ideals of Patek Czapek & Cie’s commitment to the chronometer function of the finest watches. Three years later they introduced the first interrogation watch with an independent second hand. Subsequently, in 1845, Patek Philippe has completed a variety of timekeeping device timepieces, including the half-hour timepieces pocket watch was born in May of that year, in July Patek Philippe have launched the first quarter-repeater pocket watch. And in the breakthrough layers of technology boundaries, the first with a half-hour bell, tactile pointer pocket watch and the first with the size of self-timer pocket watch also enjoy come out. The works born during this period laid the Patek Philippe’s authority in the area of ​​timekeeping timepieces.

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